XML:DB Benchmark

Last updated :16-10-2003


The aim of this project is to provide an unbiased, objective evaluation of all XML databases which implement the XML:DB Java API
All databases are tested "out of the box", and no tweaking of parameters will be done. Where deliveries offer the capability to
run stand-alone or embedded in a servlet container, we shall run the benchmarks on both, although we shall limit our testing to
a default Apache Tomcat server installation.
We may later add results for each database tuned specifically for this test harness if it seems relevant.
All results published here will have been performed physically on the same machine, to allow direct comparisons between the results and remove any inconsitencies resulting from hardware differences.
Since we are only considering eXist and Xindice at the moment, we shall postpone the decision of what to do if a Windows only installation and a Unix only installation become available.

Project status

The project is still in the development stage, and no results will be released until we are satisfied with the reliability of the benchmarks.
You are free however to check out the cvs workspace, and run the tests locally - this has the advantage of giving you results for your exact network configuration.

Help wanted

Clearly we need someone to sexy up this page a bit, but more importantly, to help develop and test our benchmarks.
If you would like to volunteer your help on this project, please contact the administrator.

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